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Fear of Flying DVD Video
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"I bought the DVD (download) and finished it a couple nights ago. It is really good. I will be doing the last part (actual flight) again a few times tomorrow. I really liked the info on aborted landings as well. It made me know that I shouldn't be as afraid if something like that needed to happen. The vintage clips were just great. They cracked me up -- a flight attendant sitting down with a family as they ate at a full table in the first class section, priceless. Thank you, Captain Stacey. The dvd is great and provides even more professional advice and information than the online course and audio course. This is so worth the money! "

"The DVD has helped to make me feel MUCH better, especially learning about that sinking feeling after take-off (its NORMAL!) and many of the other sensations/sounds that I was sure meant we were going down!! Also, comforting to know that we're actually being tracked and in case of medical emergency or otherwise another plan is always in the works. I think I'll still have some butterflies but knowledge is power...thanks for helping to empower me against my fears! It was worth the money."

"This video is a great tool for fearful flyers. The information is presented by professionals who are working in aviation every day and you really get the feeling that they care about the struggles we face. And now we've got great visuals! I don't know about you, but I learn a lot faster when I can see what people are teaching me. This video gives you "access" to see more of what the professionals see. It feels like a private session, guided by those who know the business best. Great information, concerned and knowledgeable people and even some humor to ease your burden. Don't miss this one!"

"Since I've had children I've developed a fear of flying, which no book or doctor has been able to successfully help me overcome. After watching Stacey Chance's video I now understand just how flying is actually safer than driving! He explains how the plane works (magnificently), security features both on the plane and on the ground, how easily both the plane and pilot can avoid severe weather, and most importantly for me, how turbulence is nothing to fear. He truly understands the panic of a fearful flyer, and calmly and competently talks us down!"

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for offering this video!! This video made me overcome my fear of flying!! I have passed up oppurtunities in the past to go to Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Baltimore - just because a flight was involved! This month I had a chance to go to St. Pete Beach FL and decided I will not pass this up. I watched your video every night for a week before the day of the flight and overcame my fear of flying! Feel free to print my sucess story on your website, or any other literature you may publish. I will refer you to anyone who mentions to me that they are afraid of flying! God Bless You!"

"I got my DVD a few days ago and have watched it through only once so far, but I know I will be referring to it again when the jitters strike. I am really impressed with the quality! Obviously, it is not made in Hollywood, but that said, it is a really professionally-done DVD which nonetheless has the stamp of Capt. Chance all over it (including his calming voice!) I should say that I did not jump at purchasing the video right off the bat. I am on a tight budget and so I thought I should make do with the online course and the audio from the bonus page. But I am so glad I did get it in the end. It makes such a difference to see what you will see in flight--but in the calm surroundings of your home, where you are not nervous. I know this will help me. I liked it all. Yes, some of the video and information will be familiar to those who have done the online course. But if you put all the video from the online course together it would probably be under 10 minutes, right? The movie provides so much more information, more interviewees talking about more topics, more footage of every aspect of flight, and more technical information (presented for the layperson of course). It's also more relaxing to watch the DVD than to sit up at the computer and click and read the course. So I think it will be more fun to repeat the experience again and again when needed. The music and beautiful flight images are very compelling. It really does bear viewing by people who don't have our problem with flying!I especially liked the vintage footage (those old movies put out by Pan Am and such) from the 50's--they are so charming! I like to think about all the dressed up ladies and gents (the ladies in formal hats!) dressed up to fly and have a fancy meal in flight. It's so different today, but not necessarily a bad thing. I also liked the little pencil or charcoal drawings. Thanks again, this is really a helpful item."

"FANTASTIC is the only word to describe it. I received it in the mail today and watched it all. I live in Australia, and the delivery was super quick. Well done Captain Stacey and thank you for creating it. I recommend it to anyone with a fear of flying."

"It's a great DVD with a wealth of flying information from so many sources in the airline industry."

"Most definitely a winner! My husband is not a fearful flyer. We watched it together, enjoyed it thoroughly and he was surprised at what he learned from it. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who feels nervous about flying. Great Job Captain!"

"I have been helped so much through your online course, your book, the message board, and now your video. I watched it once already, and plan to keep watching it until it bores me! I felt quite a lot more confident after watching it, and found it extremely informative."

"I received my DVD just 3 days after I ordered it. Watched it that same night and started to feel much better about flying. It's been 12 yrs since my last flight and I'm feeling better about it every day thanks to your course and help. I'm sure all of us fearful flyers want to give you a big THANK YOU!!"

"I downloaded the video onto my iPod and it ran flawlessly. What a convenient way to watch it!"

"Wow...this video is highly informative and I thought it was an excellent presentation. Never boring for a second. Now I'm going to take it on the plane for my upcoming flight. Thank you!!"

"I received the DVD last weekend and watched it twice on Sunday! It's just perfect."

"I went through the online course and purchased the online video. Both helped tremendously! The video was informative and made me feel a lot better about flying. When I was on the plane I knew why it felt like we were sinking, what some noises were and most importantly the knowledge that the plane cannot fall out of the sky. I did use medication to supplement because the buildup was unbearable, but once on the plane I was calm and informed. I recommend the video and course to everyone who has any type of fear relating to the flying industry. Thank you Captain Chance for doing this!"

Prepare to Fly is brought to you by an Airline Captain and creator of the free online Fear of Flying Help Course and book Wings of Discovery. With years of feedback from students of the online course, this new video addresses all common concerns passengers must deal with.

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The DVD is divided into ten chapters allowing repeated viewing of topics of interest -

Chapter 1. Emotional Effects of Flying:
Panic Attacks - Control - Claustrophobia - Children - Imagination - Overwater - Noises - Heights - Coping Tips & Skills

Chapter 2. Physical Effects of Flying:
Motion Sickness - Xanax - Lorazepam (Ativan) - Bonine - Jet Lag - Ear Pain - Clots (DVT) - Flying w/Babies & Pregnant

Chapter 3 Aviation Professionals:
FAA - ICAO - Air Traffic Controllers - Mechanics - Airline Pilots - Pilot Medical Examiner - Dispatchers - Flight Attendants

Chapter 4 The Plane:
Aircraft Design - Jet Engines - Maintenance Inspections - Fuel System - Hydraulics - Pressurization - Fire - Electrical

Chapter 5 The Basics of Flight:
What Holds the Plane Up - What if Engines Quit - Turn - Climb - Descend - Glide - Flaps - Speed Brakes - Stability

Chapter 6 Weather:
Fog - Clouds - Rain - Snow - Ice - Thunderstorms - Lightning Strikes - Windshear - RADAR - Autoland

Chapter 7 Turbulence:
Mountain Wave - Convective - Wake - Air Pockets - Plane Plummeting - Jet Stream - What Pilots Do During Turbulence

Chapter 8 Safety & Security:
Statistics - New Technology - What You Can Do - Investigations - Why Planes Crash - Media - Security - Birds

Chapter 9 Planning Your Flight:
Choosing an Airline - Choosing Your Seat - Safest Seat - Best Time to Fly - Long Overwater Flights - Flying w/Kids

Chapter 10 Complete Flight:
Sights, Sounds & Sensations of - Boarding - Taxi - Takeoff - Climb - Cruise - Turb - Descent - Aborted Landing - Landing

Prepare to Fly is the most comprehensive and interesting video ever made on commercial air travel. A must see for everyone who flies and great to share with kids and friends. Now you can be the most relaxed and knowledgeable passenger on the plane!

Includes Interviews With:
4 Airline Pilots
1 Retired Captain
5 Flight Attendants
2 Airline Mechanics
2 Airline Dispatchers
1 Air Traffic Controller
2 Physicians
2 Therapists
4 Nervous Flyers
2 Frequent Flyers

Includes Video From:
Inside & Outside of Airport Terminals
Ticket & Gate Areas
Boarding Lounge, Jetbridge & Entry Door
Aircraft Interior - Cockpit & Cabin
Views From Passenger Windows
Views From Cockpit Windows
Aircraft Exterior - Ground & Flight
Air Traffic Control Tower
Aircraft Maintenance Hangar
Pilot Operations

Fear of Flying DVD Video

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